Meantóir is hosting an online demonstration of MOSAIC Educator on Wednesday 9th June 2021 at 6pm. We would like to show you and your team what MOSAIC can do!

Tickets for this demonstration can be purchased at the link below for €3 each or per viewing group. Go to Eventbrite

Effective communication and connectedness between the home and the early childhood setting is of paramount importance at any time, but never more so as COVID-19 has curtailed the frequent and face to face contact we previously had with parents.

MOSAIC Educator provides a cost efficient and practical solution for educators and parents – whilst at the same time offering a professional documentation tool for educators.

I hope you can join us so that you can see the features on MOSAIC and ask any questions you may have about bringing MOSAIC Educator to your early childhood service.

MOSAIC in brief..

Mosaic is designed with the child at the centre of all functions on the easy-to-use App. Mosaic uses the strengths-based learning story approach with pre-loaded Aistear goals and learning dispositions to showcase the individual child.

MOSAIC works through two separate Apps ‘MOSAIC Educator’ and ‘MOSAIC Family’ to keep in touch in real time by sharing photographs, videos and daily learning and care updates about children.

A daily care log and an automated sleep check log is also available for babies and toddlers. The interconnected Mosaic Family App enables parents and nominated family members to receive these precious updates in real time directly to their mobile device.

The app will have a fully automated attendance register in September and many other useful functions to make both documentation of learning and communication efficient, streamlined and evidence based for inspection purposes.

For more information, check out, email us at [email protected], or call us on 086 243 1695.