This pack has been designed in line with Tusla Guidance for Early Years Services: Covid-19 (4.6 2020 and HSPC guidance ‘COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control guidance for settings providing childcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic’ (27.5.2020)

Regulatory inspection will recommence in Phase 3 when Tusla will assess the ongoing procedures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in line with the Tusla Self-Assessment Checklist.

Procedures and guidance to meet the requirements of the Tusla Self-Assessment Checklist have been incorporated into the following 2 extended policiesInfection Control and Risk Assessment.

These documents are presented in a clear and practical format and will be suitable for staff training and information purposes.

The Pack contains:

  1. Infection Control Policy 

Policy and Procedures that specify the procedures to be followed to protect staff and children attending the service from the transmission of infections and how staff will comply with the play-pod requirements and align with HPSC guidance. This includes:

  • Raising awareness procedures
  • Service procedures to limit mixing
  • Hygiene and personal etiquette measures
  • Cleaning programme
  • Editable cleaning schedule
  • Child friendly personal etiquette poster
  • Guidance links

This policy comes in a Full Day Care version (includes procedures for babies and toddlers and a Pre-School/SAC version.

  1. Risk Management Policy

The Risk Management Policy is a policy on the way this service assesses any potential risks to the safety of children attending the service or adults working in the service.

This Policy is used in conjunction with a separate environmental Risk Assessment carried out for the specific layout of the premises and is cross referenced with the Infection Control policy where appropriate. This includes:

  • Core elements of risk as specified in the Tusla QRF
  • Covid-19 Service Incident Plan
  • Risk assessment template


Full Day Policy Pack (includes hygiene procedures for babies and toddlers):€50

Pre-School/ School Age Childcare Pack: €43