This is a quick look at what Meantóir has planned for our Autumn 2019 training and CPD calendar. Have a look and send us a quick expression of interest below to let us know what you want and where!

Making Links: Learning Stories and Emergent Curriculum Planning

A 3-session programme that starts with the fundamentals of providing an emergent curriculum in your early childhood service for children 0-5. Session 2 looks at compiling meaningful Learning Stories as a means of supporting children’s learning and development and session 3 shows Educators how to transfer observations to flexible curriculum plans. Overall, Educators will be able to document and make transparent links between how you observe children, how you plan for children and how you take learning forward. Comes with sample tools and templates for each service attending. This was our most sought after programmes in the first part of the year and received rave reviews for its simplicity and practical approach!

NEW! Mosaic – a Professional Tool for Educators

A 2-week programme for subscribers to ‘Mosaic the Learning Story App’ that supports you navigate and use Mosaic efficiently and consistently across your team. You will be able to compile efficient and meaningful learning stories that connect to your curriculum plans, share information and communicate with parents. Using the Educators Guide that comes with Mosaic, the second session will explore how to use Mosaic with children to build a sense of achievement and positive self-image through supervised IT engagement alongside educators and parents. Overall, this programme will support you with implementing Mosaic regardless of the level of IT skill of your team and show you how to get the most from your Mosaic package.

NEW! I’m only the Manager! Leadership and Management in a Complex Sector

By popular demand, we will be bringing a new programme forward for Managers/ Leaders/ Supervisors working in early childhood services or with groups of people. Support for Managers and Supervisors is too frequently overlooked and neglected in a busy and demanding environment. A variety of topics will be explored including coping with the expectations of others, motivating staff, supervision of staff (required for compliance), the role of policies and procedures, communicating with parents, implementing change and most importantly, looking after you! This programme will be delivered over 2 half days or 4 sessions depending on location.

Keep an eye on our Facebook/Web page as dates are announced and to help us gauge where the most interest is in the various programmes

Please send us a quick expression of interest below to help us plan for you!

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