As MOSAIC is already a contactless form of communication with parents, you may be wondering how we could improve on this in response to COVID-19. Well we have!

New functions that ensure you are taking as many precautions as possible to prevent cross contamination between the setting and home include:

  1. To minimise cross contamination, you may want to use more than 2 mobile devices per room. Our upgrade means that mobile devices can be personal to the educator and there are no limits on the number of devices per room!
  2. Daily records – to ensure that you do not have to hand out a paper copy of your sleep check and daily care log for under 3’s – this is sent automatically via MOSAIC Family.
  3. To prevent you the exchange of learning stories to be signed or scrapbooks to be viewed between the setting and home, a ‘Read by parents’ function has been added to each update so you can provide evidence of parental engagement without the risk of cross contamination.

Is there an extra cost? – NO!
MOSAIC packages are still at 2019 prices and work out at on average €7 per child per year – can you afford not to use MOSAIC?

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