Child safety, compliance, contactless communication and efficiency all rolled into one!

We are delighted to announce the availability of SLEEP CHECK – the latest feature on MOSAIC Educator and yet another practical solution from Meantóir!

SLEEP CHECK is a fully automated sleep record on the ‘Daily Records’ section of MOSAIC which is for babies and toddlers. SLEEP CHECK this sits beside the Daily Care Log (which already records food, drinks and nappy changes).

What does SLEEP CHECK do?

  • Acts as a Tusla compliance record for monitoring sleep for babies and toddlers
  • Is pre-loaded with the full recommended sleep checklist, set to default which can be completed quickly every 10 minutes
  • Allows the Educator to add monitoring comments if she/he notices a change in the child (e.g. colour, breathing)
  • Each check is recorded as evidence in child’s electronic Storybook on MOSAIC
  • All posted sleep check records will be visible to parents in real time through their MOSAIC Family App.

What are the benefits of using Sleep Check?

  • Child safety monitoring – this is the practical arm of your Safe Sleep Policy
  • Efficient paper free recording system – eliminates the daily transfer of paper records setting to home
  • Real time contactless communication with parents – peace of mind for parents
  • Evidence based Tusla compliance – no need to retain paper records – they are all visible from the child’s personal MOSAIC Storybook.
    Have a look at the demonstration video on SLEEP CHECK which have been added to MOSAIC Educator at no extra charge. MOSAIC packages for 2020 will remain at last year’s prices – what’s not to like?

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