SAC Policy and Procedure E-Package


#PolicyComplete with Forms or Templates
iStatement of Purpose
1(a)Complaints PolicyComplaints form for Parents and Staff
1(b)Comments and Complaints Policy (Child Friendly)Complaints Form (Child Friendly)
2.Dropping-Off and Collection of School Age ChildrenNominated Collection Person Form
3.Fire Safety Policy Child Friendly Evacuation Procedure

Fire Drill Log Record
4.Medication Management
Includes self-administration of medication for afterschool child
- Medication Consent Form (including self-medication for school age children)

- Medication Administration Record
5.Policy on Behaviour Management – Including Managing Challenging Behaviour, Cyberbullying and information linksSupport and Supervision Template
6.Policy on Infection Control and

Service Incident Plan (Covid-19)
- Cleaning Schedule
- Weekly Staff Roster
- Visitors Record
7.Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy Bullying Behaviour report form

Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy

The Mosaic Digital Solutions ‘School Age Childcare Package’ has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Part II, Article 5(4) Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018.

The Epackage contains the policy and procedure documents on the checklist including a child-friendly versions where appropriate. We have also included accompanying forms and templates to save you time creating them. 

Personalising your Policies
When you order your package, you will receive a short list of questions from Mosaic Digital Solutions. Once we receive your response, we will be able to give you an expected date your documents to be emailed to you (3 days to 2 weeks depending on orders). We will use the information you send us to personalise your policies as much as possible with your name, logo etc. 

Please note that the policies themselves come in pdf, personalised and ready for printing or upload. The Statement of Purpose and templates are provided in Word document format for future editing if necessary. Small amendments can be made to your finished pack for up to 8 weeks after you receive it. Changes that conflict with the Childcare Regulations cannot be made.

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