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Aimed at Educators and Pedagogical Leaders, A Suitcase Full of Stories bridges the ‘theory to practice’ gap around pedagogical documentation in early education. The book reveals a fresh and creative insight into documentation through stories as a powerful mechanism for listening-in, analysing, progressing and revisiting children’s well-being and learning.

Warmly and practically written, a wealth of documentation examples involving babies, toddlers and young children are threaded throughout the book in a highly visual and accessible format.

Shining a much-needed spotlight on educating the heart before educating the mind, this book:

  • Foregrounds the interdependence of emotional learning and cognitive learning.
  • Emphasises the role of participative documentation in seeing and validating the individual child, their strengths, preferences and needs.
  • Provides Educators with clear guidance and practical examples to implement an ongoing cycle of pedagogical documentation including observations, analysing learning, and planning emergent curriculum.
  • Simplifies the Learning Story Approach providing numerous practical examples of different types of learning stories for babies, toddlers and young children.
  • Unpacks child voice and brings child participation to the centre of documentation practice.
  • Showcases the multi-modal functionality of Ped-tech (Pedagogical Technology) using the digital MOSAIC Educator Pedagogical Documentation System.
  • Highlights the role of the proficient educator and the characteristics and supports required for professional documentation standards.

A Suitcase Full of Stories is an essential resource for Educators and Pedagogical Leaders aiming to maximise the impact of meaningful documentation for the benefit of young children.

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