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MOSAIC is a specialist company that provides a range of time and cost saving solutions for early childhood services working with children 0-6 years.

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MOSAIC is a specialist company that provides a range of time and cost saving solutions for early childhood services working with children 0-6 years. Our products and services include the MOSAIC App, specialist mentoring, training and CPD, early childhood research and policies and procedure development.

We also provide a range of information for parents and the wider family about child wellbeing and development including what to look for in quality early childhood settings.

In early education, an open and informed partnership with parents is key to a successful early childhood experience for young children. A good quality early childhood service will have many ways of nurturing parental partnerships. This is to provide a collaborative approach to a child’s care, learning and development and to ensure that the voice and needs of every child are heard and met.

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The company flagship product is MOSAIC Educator. This is an App designed as an electronic storybook and used by educators to record and support children’s learning and development and capture records required for quality compliance.

Through the interconnecting ‘MOSAIC Family’ App, the early childhood service and nominated family members can access regular updates in the form of photographs, videos, learning stories and reports. For children under 3, daily care records are also communicated directly to a parent’s phone or tablet in real time.

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There is no better indicator of quality than a meaningful partnership with parents where the child’s needs are central to communication between the home and the early childhood setting.

What We Do for Parents

We aim to bring you interesting articles and practical information that will be of interest to parents of young children. We will spotlight early childhood services using the MOSAIC app.

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