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Early Childhood Research Projects

Early childhood research projects are undertaken by MOSAIC on behalf of a variety of clients and organisations. Projects are tailored to the research aims and objectives of the client. Projects are tailored to the research aims and objectives of the client.

Our research is carried out in a specialised and professional manner in line with a code of ethics for children’s participation and engagement.

The Process

The ‘Voice of the Child’ Research Project

The ‘Voice of the Child’ research project was undertaken by MOSAIC in 2021. This research study and practical intervention was initiated by The Genesis Programme in County Louth and funded by Louth Children and Young Peoples Services Committee (CYPSC). This quality intervention initiative had an overall aim of enhancing the voice of the child in early childhood settings in County Louth.

The research and intervention element of the initiative was facilitated and delivered by Mosaic Digital Solutions for Early Education. This included a suite of training and mentoring supports and the introduction of the MOSAIC app– a professional educator tool to record, support and share children’s learning and development with parents (www.mosaicelc.ie).


The extent to which the voice of the child is prevalent in everyday practice in the participating services was considered by carrying out a baseline audit in this area as a starting point for the intervention.

A suite of training and mentoring – specifically aimed at enabling educators to recognise and interpret children’s participation and voice was provided.

Learning and progress made by participating early learning and care services was collated and presented in this report.

The Process

Consultation Call/Meeting

to discuss the research brief, aims and objectives and budget.

Tailor Made Proposal

developed outlining research stages, timeframe and key deliverables.

Implementation & Research Report

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The Results

A total of 288 children and 56 educators took part in the training initiative from March to June 2021.

The main learning and benefits cited by participants following the training was around increased awareness of the voice of the child and how to think from the perspective of the individual child.

Participant feedback strongly suggested that documentation was greatly enriched by using the MOSAIC app. Central to this was being able to capture the child’s voice as part of everyday practice and gave the educator a framework for recording, documenting, and sharing information with parents.

Overall, participants felt that their expectations of the programme had been surpassed and would advise other educators to participate in the type of training.

Report Launch Coming 2nd February 2022

Observing and listening to children carefully is where early childhood education begins. The most important verbs in early education are not ‘to talk’ ‘to teach’ or ‘to show’ – but ‘to listen’.

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