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Be part of the global shift towards digital documentation in early education with the innovative Mosaic Educator and Mosaic Family Apps. A multimodal perspective on assessment for learning using the child-centred learning story approach.

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Problems are threefold for…


Childcare Providers

Time consuming paper-based recording systems are a burden on resources


Parents need real-time updates and communication about young children when they are away from home

External Compliance Organisations

Quality standards demand that recording systems are inclusive, individual to the child, and accessible to parents.

Our Approach

Mosaic is an educator tool in the format of an e-storybook for each individual child. The app is pre-loaded with necessary daily records including attendance, personal care and sleep checks.

The child’s e-storybook then presents children’s learning and development through learning stories, videos and pictures. Each learning story template is pre-loaded with learning goals, positive learning dispositions and a plan for learning.

All child updates, and communications are sent to parents in real time via the MOSAIC Family App.

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The Process

Introducing the MOSAIC app to your early childhood service is an easy process and we are here to support you.

Consultation Call

We will demonstrate the app and answer any questions you may have.

Register to MOSAIC Platform

We will add you to the MOSAIC user platform where you can choose your service package.

Document Professional Pedagogy

Implement a quality child centred system for recording children’s early learning and care in partnership with parents.

What Educator Tools Will I Find In Mosaic?


Pre-populated Early Education Templates

For Assessment, Transition, Picture Stories, Video Stories, Update Reports, Daily Care Logs and Group Learning Stories.

Achievements so far

A progressive calculator for learning goals achieved


Messaging and events platforms for managers, educators and parents

Effective Partnership with Parents

Through an efficient communication system to share care and learning updates about their child, forthcoming events or urgent notifications.

Child Photo Gallery

Children’s images and videos in a safe, private location

Downloadable Documents

Policies and procedures, data protection, parental consent and quality educator tools.

Service Storybook Packages and Costs 2023

Mosaic Package Examples

Number of Storybooks

Annual Subscription Cost

(individual child platform with all templates)


Package of 10
10 Storybooks
Package of 18
18 Storybooks
Package of 25
25 Storybooks
Package of 35
35 Storybooks
Package of 50
50 Storybooks
Package of 75
75 Storybooks
Package of 100
100 Storybooks
1 Storybook
1 Storybook
Please Note:

-Storybooks can be purchased in the exact quantity needed,

-You can purchase additional storybooks when you need them,

-Storybooks can be purchased from the Manager’s Dashboard or by clicking ‘Purchase Storybooks’ below.

Subscribe to the MOSAIC AppPurchase Storybooks

MOSAIC Family Package Options and Costs



One user to view multiple children in from the one family



3 family members to view multiple children from the one family

Family Pro


Up to 8 members to view multiple children from the one family

Download the MOSAIC Family Apps

Benefits of MOSAIC

Mosaic will benefit Children, Parents, Educators and the Early Childhood Service through

A fraction of the annual cost of scrapbooks, printing, photographs and paper

A safe and environmentally friendly method of sharing children’s information with parents

Reduces staff time in completing Learning Stories and updating scrapbooks and portfolios

Meaningful parental engagement and involvement in their child’s early learning and care

A seamless and easy to use App regardless of the IT skills of staff

New learning opportunities for children through meaningful exposure to technology in pre-school and at home.

Every day, through their actions and words, children ask, ‘Do you hear me? Do you see me? Do you value me? Am I safe?’ Get to know their unique story and share it with those who can make a difference.

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