Child Storybooks for MOSAIC Educator


Each Storybook is €11

To purchase, please choose the number of storybooks you require for your service.

Each child’s e-storybook is personal to them with a personal photo and video gallery. It is designed to contain the necessary daily records including attendance, personal care, and sleep checks. The child’s interests, strengths and learning are presented through engaging learning updates, videos and pictures. Each learning story template is pre-loaded with the appropriate curriculum learning goals, positive learning dispositions and a plan for learning. The app also contains Emergent Planning, messaging functions, personal information storage for each child and a group news function.

As the app is an educational tool, it is VAT Exempt

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MOSAIC is framed around a strength based, child-led pedagogical approach that sees the child as a unique individual. The Learning Story Approach to early childhood assessment for learning is used to frame Aistear’s themes, aims, goals and dispositions. The uniquely designed functions in MOSAIC will allow the Educator to compile a beautiful electronic storybook for each child. Learning stories are easily linked to our emergent curriculum planning templates for different age groups based on children’s interests and needs.