Full Policy, Procedure and Statement E-Package


#PolicyComplete with Forms or Templates
Section 1Governance
1.Statement of Purpose and Function
2.Comments and Complaints Complaints Form for Parents and Staff
3.Recruitment Policy
4.Staff Absences Weekly Staff Roster Template
5.Staff Training -Induction Checklist for new staff members
-Staff Training Record
6.Supervision PolicySupport and Supervision Template
Section 2Health, Welfare and Development of the Child
7.Settling In Policy
8.Policy on Managing Behaviour
9.Inclusion Policy
10.Policy On Healthy Eating ‘Healthy Eating Specifications’
11.Policy On Outdoor PlayOutdoor Play Risk Assessment Template
12.Policy on the Use of Internet and Photographic and Recording Devices -Staff -eSafety Agreement
-Parent Consent form
Section 3Safety
13.Policy on Administration of Medication -Medication Consent
-Medication Admin. Record
14.Policy on Accidents and IncidentsContents List for First Aid Box
15.Policy on Infection Control Cleaning Schedule
16.Nappy Changing and Toileting Policy
17a and/or 17bPolicy on Safe Sleep FDC Version and/or
Pre-School Version
18.Risk Management Policy COVID-19 Incident Plan
Risk Assessment Template
19.Policy on Authorisation to Collect Children Nominated Collection Person Form
Drop off and Collection Schedule Template
20.Fire Safety Policy Sample Evacuation Procedure
Fire Drill Log
21.Outings PolicyRisk Assessment for Outings

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The MOSAIC Digital Solutions Full Policies, Procedures and Statement Package contains all 21 policies and corresponding templates, developed in line with the Tusla QRF 2018 to ensure inspection compliance.

These are as required for full day and sessional early childhood services.
Policies are updated with COVID-19 guidance and grouped and presented under 3 main headings:

Governance (6 Policies)
Health, Welfare and Development of the Child (6 Policies)
Safety (9 Policies)

This package provides detailed policies, procedures and statements that will become you ‘go to’ guide on different areas of your practice with children. Each policy is linked to the relevant underpinning legislation, outlines clear processes for good practice and provides staff guidance where necessary. We have also included accompanying forms and templates to save you time creating them. 

Personalising your Policies
When you order your package, you will receive a short list of questions from MOSAIC Digital Solutions. Once we receive your response, we will be able to give you an expected date your documents to be emailed to you (3 days to 2 weeks depending on orders). We will use the information you send us to personalise your policies as much as possible with your name, logo etc.

Please note that the policies themselves come in pdf, personalised and ready for printing or upload. The Statement of Purpose and templates are provided in Word document format for future editing if necessary. Small amendments can be made to your finished pack for up to 8 weeks after you receive it. Changes that conflict with the Childcare Regulations cannot be made.

Take the stress out of policy writing – order your policies today!