Critical Incident Plans for Early Childhood Services


Critical Incidents are events outside normal everyday experience – a circumstance that is sudden and unexpected. This may involve a threat to life or loss of life and can include elements of physical or emotional trauma or loss. A critical incident may also involve severe damage to buildings or facilities.

All early childhood services are required to have a service level Critical Incident Plan as outlined in the Tusla Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF) and the National Quality Guidelines for School Age Childcare Services. 

This Critical Incident Plan outlines the appropriate actions to be taken at the initial stage of an emergency enabling an appropriate and professional response should a critical incident occur. Each of the 9 plans contained in this pack is for a separate emergency. Each plan is framed in 4 recommended sections

1. The Risk,

2. Preparedness,

3. Response and

4. Recovery.

The pack includes useful recording templates and display information.

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