Essential Visitor Protocol


Early childhood services may need to facilitate an outside professional to make an essential visit to the setting in relation to the health, welfare and development of a child (including inspection purposes).

In this event, you need a clear protocol to manage visits and may be asked to forward a specific written protocol in advance to visitors.

The ‘Essential Visitor Protocol’ includes:

  1. The protocol for visitors before, during and after the visit
  2. A visitor information record template for completion by the visitor before entering the setting
  3. A wellness self-declaration by the visitor
  4. A Covid-19 Contract tracing template should this be needed following a visit by an essential visitor.

The Essential Visitor Protocol document is personalised to your early childhood service details and is emailed to you in pdf. This in turn can be emailed to any potential essential visitors in advance. The contact tracing template is provided in editable word version so you can complete for multiple children/staff should this be necessary.

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