Full SAC Policy Pack E-Package



# Policy Complete with Forms/ Templates


Section 1 Governance  
1.      (1a)


Statement of Purpose and Function  
                (1b) Child Friendly Version  
2.      (2a) Comments and Complaints #1 Complaints Form for Parents & Staff
(2b) Comments and Complaints (Child Version) #2 Child Version Complaints Form
3. Recruitment Policy  
4. Staff Absences #3 Weekly Staff Roster Template
5. Staff Training #4 Induction Checklist

#5 Staff Training Record

6. Supervision Policy #6 Support and Supervision Template
Section 2 Health, Welfare and Development of the Child  
7. Settling In Policy and Transition  
8.      (8a) Policy on Managing Behaviour  
(8b) Anti-Bullying Strategy #7 Anti-bullying Strategy for Children

#8 Record of Bullying Template

9. Inclusion Policy  
10. Policy On Healthy Eating  #9 Healthy Eating Specifications
11. Policy On Outdoor Play #10 Risk Assessment Template
12. –         Policy on the Use of Internet and Photographic and Recording Devices

–         Staff -eSafety Agreement

#11 Parent Consent Form
Section 3 Safety  
13. Policy on Administration of Medication #12 Medication Consent, Admin. Record
14. Policy on Accidents and Incidents Contents List for First Aid Box
15. Policy on Infection Control #13 Cleaning Schedule

#14 Visitor Record

#15 Unvaccinated Child Declaration Form

16. Nappy Changing, Personal Care and Toileting Policy  
17. Policy on Safe Sleep/Naps/Rest  


18. Risk Management Policy #16 Risk Assessment Template

#17 COVID-19 Incident Plan

19. Policy on Authorisation to Collect Children #18 Nominated Collection Person Form
20. Fire Safety Policy with Drill Log  
21. Outings Policy #19 Outings Permission Form

#20 Risk Assessment Outings

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The ‘Full SAC Policies, Procedures and Statement Package’ is specifically written for stand-alone School Age Childcare Services. The pack contains 21 policies and comes with a range of complimentary templates to support policy implementation.

Please read the pack contents list prior to purchase.