COVID-19 Risk Assessment


To support early childhood services to operate safely, this editable risk assessment template prompts you to address the risks associated with providing your service in relation to Covid-19.

10 key risk headings are included, and examples are provided. It is important to note that headings on the template are not exhaustive. You can add any additional risks associated with your early childhood service under one of the headings developed or identify a new heading at the end of the template. You can update the template as and when new advice requires you to do so.

Good health and safety practices are about keeping things simple, being proportionate and focusing on actual risks. Procedures should be clear and concise with assessment of risk being practical and doable for you and your staff. An effective risk assessment is about getting the balance right on managing risk rationally; it is not about trying to eliminate risk altogether.

The Mosaic Digital Solutions Risk Assessment template is designed to allow you to review and track your Covid related risks across your whole service on an ongoing basis. 

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