Recommend a Service

For clarity, the term “Referred Service” is used to describe the Preschool, Creche or Early Childhood setting that MOSAIC Educator has been suggested to.
The term “signed up” means that the referred service have been added to the MOSAIC platform and they have purchased storybooks.
– This offer is only open to services who were signed up to storybooks in school year 2022/23
– The referred service cannot have been an existing or past service of MOSAIC Educator.
– The referred service must sign up to more than 15 storybooks for the referral to qualify for the offer.
– The referred service must sign up before the end of November 2023.
– The referred service can only select 1 TribeMosaic service as the service which recommended them.
– The €50 voucher can be used for:
•e-CPD courses on,
•Policies available on,
•MOSAIC Educator Storybooks.
– The voucher must be used by the start of July 2024
– The voucher cannot be used to purchase storybooks for the next school year, beginning 2024 (starting August 14th 2024)