Digital Solutions
for Early Education

MOSAIC provides a range of time and cost saving solutions for early childhood services.


An innovative e-storybook used by educators to record, support and enhance children’s learning, development and care and shares updates with parents via a connecting family app.


Mentoring, Training & CPD

Mentoring, training and online continuing progressional development options are available enabling educators to refresh and build on quality pedagogical practice.



MOSAIC Digital Solutions for Early Education host a range of events that are of interest to early childhood service owners, educators, students and parents


Policies & Procedures

A range of personalised Policies, Procedures and Statements as required for each early learning and care service under Regulation 10 of the Early Years Regulations 2016.


What We Do

MOSAIC is a company that provides a range of time and cost saving solutions for early childhood services. Our products and services include the MOSAIC Educator and Family Apps, specialist research, mentoring and training, online CPD and the development of policies and procedures.

With over twenty five years’ experience in early childhood care and education including management, academic training and development, mentoring, research and policy – we offer an extensive package of supports to assist you to become a high quality service that provides positive experiences for children.

About Us

MOSAIC Educator and Family Apps

Mosaic is an educator tool in the format of an e-storybook for each individual child. The app is pre-loaded with necessary daily records including attendance, personal care and sleep checks.

The child’s e-storybook then presents children’s learning and development through learning stories, videos and pictures. Each learning story template is pre-loaded with learning goals, positive learning dispositions and a plan for learning.

All child updates, and communications are sent to parents in real time via the MOSAIC Family App.

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Why Choose MOSAIC for Early Education

Early Childhood Experts

Over 25 years’ experience in early education.

Digital Solutions

Enabling the digital transformation of early education.

Variety of Packages

Individualised packages to suit all early childhood services.

Follow Up Supports

Efficient and accessible telephone and online support.

Online Demos

Live demos to see MOSAIC in action.


An active community of quality practice for MOSAIC App users.

Mentoring, Training and Online CPD

One to one mentoring and training plans are available on any aspect of practice for managers, educators or both. One-to-one specialist support that provides intensive mentoring, advice and CPD will improve your professional practice through collaborative learning and working.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes provided by Mosaic are hugely popular. The secret to Mosaic CPD is its uncomplicated format, enabling educators to refresh and up-skill in specific areas of pedagogical practice.

Mentoring & TrainingOnline CPD

Early Childhood Research

Early childhood research projects are undertaken by MOSAIC on behalf of a variety of clients and organisations. Projects are tailored to the research aims and objectives of the client.

Projects are tailored to the research aims and objectives of the client. Our research is carried out in a specialised and professional manner in line with a code of ethics for children’s participation and engagement.

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Policies, Procedures and Statement Packs

Early learning and care services are operating in an increasingly professionalised sector. There are many responsibilities, legal requirements and challenges to plan and be prepare for.

A range of Policies, Procedures and Statements are required for each early learning and care service under Regulation 10 of the Early Years Regulations 2016 are set out in Schedule 5 of the Regulations. As a key part of quality standards and day to day processes, it is essential that policies, procedures and statements are used to guide the early childhood service and staff as well as the families who use the service.

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