School Age Childcare Services are to be registered for first time. Commencing on 18th February 2019, The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018 allows for the registration of School Aged Childcare Services with Tusla. This will enable school age childcare services to register and participate in new Affordable Childcare Scheme.

What are the key dates for Registration?

  • Existing standalone School Aged Childcare services will be allowed three months from the commencement date of the Regulations to apply for registration. They must be registered by 18 May 2019.
  • Services that currently operate a preschool service that is registered with Tusla that also have a School Aged Childcare service will have 6 months from the date the regulations come in to effect to register their SAC service with Tusla. They must be registered by 18 August 2019.
  • New School Aged Childcare services will need to register with Tusla three months before intending to open the school age service (if the service is not already operating on 18 February 2019).

Regulations represent an important first step in the full regulation and inspection of school age childcare services. Only registered school age childcare services will be able to provide services under the Affordable Childcare Scheme.

Once the registration of school age services has been completed, more comprehensive regulations will be introduced in a move that mirrors the enhanced regulation and inspection of early learning and care settings over recent years.

More Information
Download FAQ’s Registration of School Age Childcare

To download a copy of the Early Years School Age Regulations please visit:

Detailed information on how to register will be available at nearer the time.