If you are interested in bringing a safe, professional child documentation system to your early childhood service, that meets quality standards in early education and keeps the child at the centre of your practice, then read on!

‘MOSAIC Educator’ is an inclusive, secure, child documentation system on a cloud-based app designed for use in early childhood services. Over time, it allows educators to build a beautiful portrait of early learning for each individual child.

Supporting an emergent, child-led approach, the MOSAIC app contains a range of pedagogical tools to support the work of the professional educator. Designed as an electronic storybook (digital portfolio) unique to each child, MOSAIC provides a professional framework for assessment for learning, emergent planning and daily recording responsibilities, all whilst keeping the child at the centre. 

Download our MOSAIC Educator Overview here including costs and sample content.


 About the Author:

Avril McMonagle is Founder and CEO of MOSAIC Digital Solutions for Early Education which provides a range of child centred digital products, training and quality compliance supports for early childhood services and stakeholders.  The company flagship products are the MOSAIC Educator and MOSAIC Family Apps which offer child-led planning, documentation, and assessment tools for professional educators. For more see www.mosaicearlyed.com; email [email protected] and follow us on social media @mosaicearlyed