MOSAIC is designed as an electronic storybook that captures and documents the magic of a child’s early learning and care. ‘MOSAIC Educator’ is used by professional educators to record, support and enhance children’s learning and development.

Through the interconnecting ‘MOSAIC Family’ App, the early childhood service and nominated family members can access regular updates in the form of photographs, videos, learning stories and reports. For children under 3, daily care records are also communicated directly to a parent’s phone or tablet in real time.


  • For childcare providers, time consuming paper-based recording systems that are a burden on time and resources
  • For parents who need secure, real-time updates and communication when young children are away from home
  • For external compliance organisations where quality standards require that recording systems are inclusive, individual to the child, and accessible to parents.

 Mosaic is an innovative child documentation system designed for early childhood services using the Aistear curriculum framework.

 Mosaic uses the Learning Story Approach to early childhood assessment for learning. Mosaic has been developed specifically for the early childhood sector by Avril McMonagle, CEO and founder of Mosaic Digital Solutions, who has almost 30 years’ experience of multiple aspects of early childhood education.

Framed around the Aistear’s themes, aims, goals and dispositions, the uniquely designed functions in Mosaic will allow the Educator to compile a beautiful electronic storybook for each child. Each storybook will be individual to the child and contain a variety of Learning Stories in different formats, photographs, short videos, samples of children’s work and recorded learning achievements. The platform also includes pre-school to school transition templates compatible with NCCA’S Mo Scéal and daily care records for children under 3.

This image shows a quick picture story update, compiled by the educator and sent to a parent’s phone. Takes two minutes to complete!


 Here are 2 sample learning stories – all Aistear aims, goals and dispositions are pre-loaded in the template – just tick the ones appropriate to your learning story!


What will I find on MOSAIC?

  • A Child Profile and individual ‘Storybook’ for each child
  • Daily Care Records for the under 3’s – Daily Care Log and Sleep Check
  • Fully automated ATTENDANCE REGISTER for each room – compliant with Regulation 16.
  • A choice of professional Learning Story Templates – Picture Stories, Voice Stories, Group Learning Stories, Snapshot Review – all pre-loaded with Aistear goals and learning dispositions
  • A personal Photo/Video Gallery for each child – a safe platform for parents and family that adheres to child safeguarding principles
  • A protected photo and video gallery in each child’s storybook
  • Contactless and efficient messaging and communications with parents- all in one place!
  • Transition templates in line with Mo Scéal (multiple choice and narrative versions)
  • A ‘Parent Comment’ and ‘Read by Parent’ function on all Learning Stories to enable meaningful parental engagement
  • A group news section where messages, documents, pictures or videos can be sent to all parents at once
  • Each child’s achievements automatically calculated against Aistear goals.


Send out a request to all parents at once for loose parts!

… and much more! 




Mosaic Family App (Parent App)

 ‘MOSAIC Family’ is a separate App that links to ‘Mosaic Educator’ so that parents and approved family members can view and keep up to date with their child’s learning and development achievements as they happen via their phone or tablet. As updates will be received in ‘real time’, this enables parents and family to reinforce learning and celebrate achievements to build confidence, self-esteem and nurture further learning.

In addition, for children under 3 years old in crèche, parents will receive a Daily Care Log  and a Sleep Check Log to inform them of what the child ate, drank, sleep times, nappy changes, mood etc. so that they are fully connected to their child’s physical and emotional care each day.

Parents can access your child/rens individual Storybook(s) by subscribing annually to the MOSAIC Family App for either Android or iOS (Apple) devices.


Interested in finding out more?

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