Leading Early Education Expert, Avril McMonagle, Reveals Innovative Approach to Child Learning and Well-being Documentation

In this book, McMonagle foregrounds the place of imagination, creativity, play and stories in the early years classroom. These are the glue that hold learning together. –Rosie Flewitt Professor of Early Childhood Communication

In an era where early childhood development is more scrutinised than ever, ‘A Suitcase Full of Stories’ emerges as a revolutionary resource for educators and pedagogical leaders.

Authored by renowned early education specialist Avril McMonagle, this publication champions a blend of emotional and cognitive learning in pedagogical documentation, presented through engaging stories and vivid examples from real-life settings.

Aimed to transform early education practices, ‘A Suitcase Full of Stories’:

  • Infuses emotional learning with cognitive development, accentuating their symbiotic relationship.
  • Demystifies participative documentation, and highlights methods of acknowledging each child’s individual strengths, preferences, and needs.
  • Provides practical guidance on implementing a cycle of continual documentation, including the observation of learning processes, analysis, and emergent curriculum planning.
  • Breaks down the Learning Story Approach into accessible, practical examples spanning different age groups – from babies to young children.
  • Amplifies children’s voices, acknowledging their active participation at the very heart of educational documentation.
  • Discusses the possibilities afforded by Pedagogical Technology (Ped-tech) through the innovative MOSAIC Educator Pedagogical Documentation System, and
  • Highlights the indispensable traits and professional standards of proficient educators in documentation processes.


About the Author

Avril McMonagle’s impressive 30-year career in early childhood education spans practical engagement, academic research, management, and policy advocacy. Internationally recognised for her role in pioneering new quality standards in early education, Avril has channelled her comprehensive expertise into developing the MOSAIC Educator System. This digital platform supports educators in charting unique learning pathways for every child, emphasising the fusion of modern technology with personalised child development.

‘A Suitcase Full of Stories’ is the culmination of Avril’s unwavering commitment to early education excellence and is poised to become a pivotal tool for those dedicating their careers to nurturing future generations.

For more information about ‘A Suitcase Full of Stories’, please visit www.mosaicearlyed.com.

Published by Orla Kelly Publishing. 210 pages. Paperback €25.99, Casebound €35.99

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