We all need a little motivation to try something new!

In relation to inquiry-based learning in early childhood education, the terms ‘invitations to play’ and ‘play provocations’ are used as part of the pedagogical approach to emergent curriculum. They are applied interchangeably to suggest prompting curiosity and exploration through play. There is however, a subtle difference between the two approaches.

Invitation to Play or Play Provocations McMonagle. A. 2023 


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Additional information: MOSAIC Educator www.mosaicearlyed.com  is an inclusive, secure, child documentation system on a cloud-based app designed for use in early childhood services. The design of MOSAIC puts child safeguarding and child voice at its core. This includes password protected classrooms, parent authentication and secure storage compliance. In addition, the unique design of MOSAIC using an individual storybook for each child, means photos, videos and information is only accessible to the registered parent/family members outside the early childhood service. Parents can download all information to a personal device before information is deleted from a secure server at regular intervals.

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