Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures: The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People contains a range of commitments relating to children and young people including reducing discrimination and intolerance of all types experienced by marginalized groups (i.e. Travellers, Roma, migrants and asylum-seekers; children and young people with disabilities; those in care and detention; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people; and those from ethnic or religious minorities).

Meantóir has now added an Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy to their comprehensive list of available policies and procedures.

The new anti-bullying and harassment policy is aimed at School Age Childcare and the policy has now been added to the SAC pack available to order here. The full list of contents of the SAC Pack is included below.

The policy is also available to purchase as a single policy here

The purpose of this policy and procedure is to give direction and guidance to school age childcare settings in preventing and tackling bullying behaviour amongst children and to inform children of the harmful impact of bullying.

The comprehensive policy includes:

• Deliberate exclusion, malicious gossip and other forms of relational bullying
Identity-based bullying such as homophobic bullying, transphobic bullying, racist bullying, bullying based on a person’s membership of the Traveller Community and bullying of those with disabilities or special educational needs and
Cyber bullying which incorporates bullying of any sort including on any social media networks or platforms

A bullying report template form and a child friendly anti-bullying leaflet are also included.


Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy for School Age ChildcareAnti-bullying and Harassment Policy for School Age Childcare

The policy is also available to purchase as a single policy here