Active communication and connectedness between home and the early childhood setting is of paramount importance at any time, but never more so when all early childhood services reopen to children and families. This will be an anxious time for children, parents and educators alike. MOSAIC will enable parents to feel a sense of connectedness to their children when they are working or at home and educators can keep in touch in real time by sharing photographs, videos and daily learning and care updates.

Mosaic is an online and mobile Educator tool designed for early childhood services in Ireland. Mosaic works through two separate Apps ‘MOSAIC Educator’ and ‘MOSAIC Family’.

Mosaic Educator enables Educators to document children’s learning and development through a uniquely designed Storybook of learning achievements, skills updates, photographs and videos. A daily care log and an automated sleep check log is also available for babies and toddlers. The interconnected Mosaic Family App enables parents and nominated family members to receive these precious updates in real time directly to their mobile device.

The key benefits of Key Worker Childcare Services using MOSAIC over the coming months are extensive:

  • Parents will feel a sense of connectedness to their children at a very stressful time
  • Parents can receive short video messages and photographs from their children in real time
  • The wider family including grandparents and family members not able to get home can stay connected through a secure multi-user Mosaic Family App
  • Paper documents are not transferred from childcare service to home reducing risk of cross contamination
  • Children’s artwork can be photographed and shared with parents without the risk of cross contamination
  • Educators can make an important contribution to child and parent well-being by compiling electronic storybooks to share.

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