As you have probably seen from our Facebook updates, MOSAIC is receiving rave reviews with early childhood services who have signed up to MOSAIC EDUCATOR. We will be going live with our interconnecting APP MOSAIC FAMILY very soon! We have a live focus group comprised of Owners, Managers, Educators and students who provide feedback every few weeks to help us make MOSAIC the best it can be for you.

So don’t listen to us – read a snapshot of the key benefits and experiences of your colleagues after only 5 weeks as a member of TeamMOSAIC …

1. MOSAIC IS SAVING THE SERVICE MONEY ALREADY – Service owners are reporting savings in photo printing, ink, paper and scrapbooks already – we are delighted that this benefit is being realised so early on.

An owner commented

With scrapbooks and not being allowed as optional extras this year – MOSAIC has come at the perfect time for us. Not only is it absolutely beautiful in what it does- I can now see the cost benefits for myself – it really is value for money for the amount of things that it does

2. SO EASY TO USE – we are getting an overwhelming reaction on how easy it is to use

An Educator commented

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use it as I’m not great with technology – but I love it. It presents our work so professionally. I get a real sense of achievement when I look at my Key Worker stories – I also love that this is a DONEGAL product!

3. UNIQUE STORYBOOKS – a big positive with users is the uniqueness of children’s storybooks

One user said

Already each of my children’s storybooks looks different – the way you can add different learning story types at different times for different activities just makes it so personal to the child – I never realised that our old scrapbooks were so ‘samey’ until I saw this for myself

4. THE WAY FORWARD – we are delighted that so many of you have picked up the children’s interest in using the tablets. The Aistear learning goal of children engaging with IT is evident in many of the learning stories captured already.

One Educator shared her experience of this

The children are fascinated with what we are doing with our new tablets in the room. They are taking photos and videos of things they want to add to their Storybook and we are actively using the tablets to research pictures and information linked to their interests with them. I was actually given a lesson in swiping photos yesterday by a 3.5 year old so I guess we have to keep up with the children!

5. MOSAIC FAMILY – Services are excited about the forthcoming launch of Mosaic Family – the app that will allow parents to sign into their child’s unique storybook from a mobile device ..

We cannot wait until MOSAIC Family is live as we are excited about sharing this with parents. I thought it would take is ages to get to grips with the new app but it’s just the opposite – we are flying ahead! When parents actually see what they will be getting they will be amazed – I am so proud that our service is doing this.

6. SUPPORT–we said at the beginning that we would be there to support you in your transition to Mosaic and we are delighted that you feel supported.

An Educator commented

The best thing about buying Mosaic is the support that is on hand. I cannot thank Avril enough for her endless patience with me – no query was left unanswered and I feel confident that no matter what, Avril will be there to support me – as she would say – ‘just call me if you get stuck!!’ The training she delivers on learning stories is fabulous too– practical, easy and has really improved my confidence

7. FAVOURITE COMMENT! Our favourite comment of all is from a very honest Educator …

I don’t mind telling you that I used to hate paper learning stories. I mean really hate them. They were a waste of time. I was writing them for the sake of it. I usually made them up as I knew I had to have them for inspection – but they were meaningless apart from that. Now I understand Learning Stories and I get great pleasure in compiling them on Mosaic and at last I understand how Aistear links to learning stories through the training with Avril – the difference this has made to my work is unbelievable and I have more pride in my job now


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