At this stage we have heard it all – ‘we are no good with technology’, ‘I can just about send a text’ or my favourite ‘our staff love the scrapbooks’!

These are frequent comments from early childhood providers when considering the change from the paper-based documentation of children’s learning to the digital app MOSAIC.

MOSAIC is an innovative electronic storybook used by educators to record, support and enhance children’s learning, development and care and communicate with parents through updates, photographs and videos in real time.

MOSAIC is designed around the wonderful strength-based approach of learning stories using the Aistear curriculum framework. Vibrant and engaging learning stories showcase the individual child, his/her strengths and interests. In contrast to generic scrapbooks which look similar for every child, MOSAIC allows you to see the uniqueness of the child through videos, stories and photographs.

The benefits that a digital documentation system can bring are ten-fold. No more cutting, sticking or assembling scrapbooks and no more cajoling children to keep a special picture for their end of year scrapbook.

You can wave goodbye to attendance books with tiny lines where your writing won’t fit and when compliance organisations want even more writing – this definitely won’t fit! No more photo printing costs or daily care sheets for parents – instead, the lovely photos and videos you take of children during their natural play will be received by parents in real time on their MOSAIC Family App.

With an e-storybook costing on average €7 per child per year, the time and cost benefits of using MOSAIC are obvious. However, the acceleration of professional practice and evidence-based recording exceeds even this.

MOSAIC is a dream for quality and compliance. For example, a ‘read by parent’ function on each learning story provides evidence of parental engagement. Automated sleep checks are saved as evidence and the automated attendance register records the nominated collection person and hours attended under each childcare funding scheme. Learning goals achieved by the child are evidence based through an automated ‘skills calculator’ linked to learning stories.

MOSAIC has everything to offer educators who are striving to take their professional practice to the next level. Like its name, MOSAIC brings all the components of quality professional pedagogy and practice together in a beautifully designed storybook app.

So why not make 2021 the year you go digital – you will be glad you did!

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